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-1- Download from the download page.
-2- Extract to your Splinter Cell® Chaos Theory folder.
-3- Load up via the new folder, 'SourceCode'.
-4- OPTIONAL: Edit if using 3dAnalyze.
-5- WARNING: DO NOT OVERWRITE 'Versus' folder.
-6- Enjoy.

Nordstrom, the store that the New York Times focuses on in its piece (although it's not the only one doing this) installed sensors around some of its stores that would scan for smartphones with Wi-Fi turned on and scanning for networks. The sensors would then make note of the device's MAC address (an address that's unique to your phone) and use it to identify and follow the device as it moves about the store. Information about how frequently that MAC address visits the store, which departments it visits when it's in the store, how long it stays in each department, and how long it stays in the store. Granted, you are not your phone's MAC address, but if you carry your phone with you all the time, you may as well be. As the NYT explains:

Splinter Cell - Moods Vol. 1Splinter Cell - Moods Vol. 1Splinter Cell - Moods Vol. 1Splinter Cell - Moods Vol. 1